Risking again and dreaming bigger…

May 25, 2008 at 12:24 am (about me)

Well, I guess it’s true that life is a matter of taking risks and chances, but still I haven’t digested the reality of having such difficulty to risk and take chances again. As of now, my ultimate priority aside from my family is my career, at my age right now I want to have an established career, not just any job wherein I can simply receive my salary, but a career which will really hone me to become a promising professional in the future. However, certain events have happened, and I must admit it caused me a great deal of delay as I am on my way of making a career for myself.

I never imagined how hard it is to make a decision, a decision which I am truly reluctant about, but I made a decision, a decision of risking again, risking my time and effort, extending another 10 months from my existing job contract. I decided to say “yes” again to a new company endeavor, though I hold strong doubts from my previous experiences, I do not really know what made me decide to say yes and to sign again, it so happened that the idea of optimism surfaced more, from now on, I opt to become positive, to avoid doubting and getting scared and to always see the brighter perspectives of things, whatever this is that I have gotten myself into, I hope I will come out successful, I will really do my best to excel and to be more than just a name or a face…I will make it through…

After these series of trainings, I hope I can have a promising assignment; I want to work hard, earn more and learn so much more, all I have are my best efforts and my strong faith in God and I am very much hopeful that those can suffice my needs to achieve success.

The month of May has been extremely hard for me, I’ve been into so much stress and deep thinking, but all the while, I am truly thankful for this experience as I was able to step to a higher level of maturity and I was able to realized that I have not just established an ordinary friendship with my colleagues, but a special friendship which goes beyond having good times together, but friendship endowed with genuine support, concern and respect. I was able to prove this by seeing them happy with my decision.

I am truly thankful for the support of my family; at least I know how much they trust my ability to make decisions. I will be at my best to achieve everything which I yearn for; I need all the positive drives and energies for me to push through.

(I think these lyrics of a certain song are really for me at this point in time):

But if you don’t dream big,

What’s the use of dreaming?

If you don’t have faith,

There’s nothing worth believing.

It takes one look

To make the stars worth reaching for.

So reach out for something more.

(Make sense right? why not dream big, have the faith and achieve everything that my heart desires!)


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