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February 19, 2009 at 2:22 pm (Uncategorized)

it’s my post in facebook when a friend of mine tagged me…

it’s all about jotting 25 random stuffs about you…. and…

just when I felt bored….a little recalling has been a breeze…

1. My dad and I have the same birthdays; we’re born on the 4th of July.

2. I was born in Leyte, spent the first 2 yrs in Manila, spent 14 yrs in Lucena City (Quezon) then live back here in Manila again hehehe

3. I don’t drink milk nor eat anything with milk; just the mere smell of it makes me puke.

4. I dreaded crossing the streets; swear I cannot cross the streets 85% of the time hahaha

5. I played Snow White’s evil stepmother when I was in prep

6. I’m clumsy; I usually knock or spill something, sheeesh!

7. I am quiet; I only talk when I want to. I find it hard to initiate a conversation; I’m used to dead silence.

8. But I can be very bubbly though, most of the time, it takes a while….

9. I have a lot of bloopers, my friends usually laugh till they drop when recalling my bloopers, I don’t intend to come out funny, it happens naturally, hehe it feels good to make a lot of people laugh anyway so I’m fine with it.

10. I love reading, give me a good book and a comfy spot, then I’ll be fine the entire day, sometimes I won’t sleep till I finish one especially when I’m so hooked.

11. I love to write, writing’s my channel to release a lot of what I feel or share whatever I like, I maintain a lot of blogs

12. I’m a whiner, I complain a lot.

13. I’m usually grumpy, I get annoyed easily.

14. I’m intuitive, my first encounter to a person makes me know if we’ll get along or not….

15. I seldom cry, I hate crying, it gives me the headache and that awfully red nose, I don’t like crying

16. I put a chewing gum on my seatmate’s hair when I was in grade 2. (Naughty me)

17. During first year high school I pulled the chair of my seatmate when he was about to sit down, and poof he dropped on the floor and the class burst into laughing. (Evil me)

18. I put the school bag of another classmate of mine in the garbage can hahaha (Another evil me)

19. I’m a good listener, a lot of people would come up to me to share, and it feels good to be trusted.

20. I slipped in 7-11, back flat, 3 years ago, and man, I still suffer the back pain till now (lol)

21. I love to sing, but singing doesn’t love me, that’s why I ended up singing in the bath.

22. I’m ambitious and steadfast, I have a lot of dreams and yearnings which I long to fulfill, but I keep all of them to myself.

23. I’m brutally frank, I say what I want to say straight to a person’s face.

24. My weight is my #1 issue, I’m always on a diet, I never get tired of dieting, never will I lose the hope hahaha

25. Something special happened early this year, and I’m lovin’ every minute of it


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