father’s day

June 19, 2009 at 5:14 pm (Uncategorized)

father’s day is just around the corner….

so here’s one for you daddy….

Your’re never the usual father, the one who would show so much care for a daughter. You never get too involved, you never get into my way. I sometimes hate you for being nonchallant, and being so carefree, but I love you because I’ve learned so much more. I learned to stand when I fall, I learned not to shed a tear when I get hurt, I learned to be brave and most of all I learned to watch after myself. I have a lot of things which I desire to do, and I know that despite of not sharing, I know you will just be there to back us up. Parenting at a young age is definitely tough, and I totally understand why you are different compared to the conventional fathers out there, but despite of that, I can feel your genuine and unconditional love for our family.

I dearly love  you in my own way…..
Happy Father’s day! 🙂


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