my 4th of July….

July 9, 2009 at 4:27 pm (about me)

I am always happy when people remember my birthday, I am deeply touched and amazed that no matter how busy they were, no matter how far they are and no matter how long we haven’t seen each other, they still remember to greet me…

Though I despise adding a year to my age, I am happy at the same time, to be with the same people whom I celebrate my birthday with…and it’s pretty cool as well to spend the same birthday with my dad….

I have to admit, I can consider myself in deep sh*t, work is not going well for me, but come to think about it, it’s just one aspect which I shouldn’t solely focus unto, I have other things to mind about and to give much importance….

As I turned 23, I am indeed very thankful, I am always grateful for the breathe of life, and no matter how tough things can be, I know I can manage, I can deeply feel the ardent flame of God’s strength in me…

I just wanted to give thanks to God and to my dear loved ones who never fail to back me up, I have turned a year older and indeed a year wiser…. I constantly believe that my dreams will soon be far-fetched 🙂

and oh, to add up, this has been one of my extra special and sweetest birthday by far…

thanks to the man who made my life more colorful…



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