Food for the undriven soul….

August 23, 2009 at 2:41 am (anything goes)

Since I am so down and upset on how some things are going, I will never let myself be destroyed and be totally shattered to pieces. I would love to see myself up and running again….it’s a good thing that one day, my grandma, brought this book for me to read. Something different to read, to stop and reflect and embrace some life’s learning…

Boss 4 cover studies.indd

And below are some of the author’s (Bo Sanchez) spills which inspired me…I’ll keep this in mind as I wait for my new beginning…

“As you focus and work on your dream, you grow as big as your dream. As you grow your dream, you also keep growing. As you expand your dream, you also keep expanding.”

“If you’re alive, why not be really alive?”

“Complaining accomplishes nothing.

Complaining is useless.”

“People cannot give what they don’t have. If you don’t respect yourself, love yourself, and meet your needs for joy, how can you do the same for others?”

“If you want to be successful, follow simple directions.”

“People who complain will get more of what they’re complaining about.”

“Your greatest curse can turn to be your greatest blessing.”

“No matter what trials come, keep doing the good you’re supposed to do.”

“Your life may be a desert now but your greatness is within you, waiting to be unearthed.”

“Blame robs you of your power to determine your life.”


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